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IMPORTANT NEWS: After so many years serving as wonderful support for digestive health in our community, I am announcing the closing of the colon hydrotherapy service at InnerLight Holistic Healing to focus on other fun, nurturing services like breath work, meditation, intuitive healing, and evolving Mother Nature modalities that help us reconnect to ourselves and Mother Earth.

As of Friday, September 20th, we will no longer offer colon hydrotherapy! If you are a returning client and you are interested in a colon hydrotherapy service, please book online no later than Thursday, September 19th (last day for colonics) Sessions are filling up fast!

Our services include: colon hydrotherapyReiki, massage therapy, meditation, and sound therapy.



Colon Hydrotherapy

Discover the benefits of a healthy digestive system.


Discover how the energy around us can restore health.


Discover the restorative power of blissful massage.

Sound Therapy

Discover how sound can help you relax and heal.