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Colon Hydrotherapy, irrigations and enemas are among the oldest healthcare practices. The use dates back over 4,000 years, as recorded in Egyptian artifacts.

The Truth About Colon Hydrotherapy

An Age-Old Healing Art

Colon Hydrotherapy, irrigations and enemas are among the oldest health care practices, dating back over 4,000 years as recorded in Egyptian artifacts. These centuries-old methods of recovering or maintaining health, energy, enthusiasm and liveliness have been re-awakened in the twenty-first century as both doctors and patients seek a simpler means of achieving better health.  Whole health truly begins in the colon.

is Your gut Healthy?

For most people, the signs of a colon dysfunction are so much a part of their everyday living experience that they do not even suspect their health is in affected. The average person may be carrying around 5-10 pounds of dried fecal matter in their colon, not to mention years of accumulated antibiotics, cigarette poisons and more. If you are not having two to three bowel movements a day (based on three meals a day), your health may not be at its best.

Health and Toxicity

Good health is impossible to achieve with toxic waste impairing the colon’s ability to properly assimilate the minerals and vitamins that we need. A build-up of material along the colon wall causes sluggish bowel movements, constipation and other problems.  The poisons resulting from these toxic wastes re-enter and circulate in the blood stream, making us feel tired and depleted. The removal of this harmful wasted helps us achieve our goal of optimal health. Colon toxicity can play a huge role in the underlying cause of many of these common health problems:

Constipation                                                                    Dental Toxicity

Backaches                                                                         Depression

Diarrhea                                                                           IBS

Skin Problems                                                                  Distended Abdomen

Irritability                                                                         Food Cravings

Frequent Colds                                                                 Addiction Weaning

Insomnia                                                                          Hemorrhoids

Hypertension                                                                   Allergies

Headaches                                                                        Prostrate Trouble

Arthritis                                                                           Hypoglycemia

Chronic Fatigue                                                               Abdominal Gas

Asthma                                                                            Medication Induced Issues

Fibromalgia                                                                     Grief

the emotional connection

There are many common phrases that demonstrate the connection we have with our gut, "follow your gut feelings", "that hit me in the gut", "that event was gut wrenching to watch". When we are upset, scared or angry our gut tightens and hurts. When we are happy, relaxed or feeling loved our gut relaxes. Our gut reflects our emotional state even when we try to hide it from the world. Actually, the more we hide our emotions the more our gut reflects and absorbs those emotions. Many times we see clients who will tell us of a great struggle they are having and they will suddenly move their bowels. The simple act of becoming aware of our stress and struggles allows us to "let go" of the stress and emotions we have been holding. Colon Hydrotherapy can be a great partner in healing great emotional wounds such as abuse and trauma. Tears are not uncommon on the table. We take every care to provide a loving and safe environment for emotional and physical healing to take place.    

Take the First Step

If you are suffering from health problems, or are ready to get serious about changing the way you feel, start by simply cleaning up your diet along with participating in positive things that are truly important to your well-being. One of the things you may seriously consider is colon hydrotherapy. Many of our clients say it has been the most important step they have taken in regaining their health. Take your first step and schedule a session today. You may also call or email InnerLight to schedule a session. We can provide a thorough explanation of this health-improving process and answer all of your questions so that you will know exactly what to expect upon your arrival.  Our clients are always surprised at how simple the process actually is, and how well their privacy and dignity are maintained in a very comfortable environment. We want to make you feel right at home.

Here are some Frequently asked questions and answers.

Pricing for Colon Hydrotherapy Treatments

First Session $135 (1.5 hours)

First time clients of InnerLight will receive a consultation and a colonic training session. 

Standard Single Session Colon Hydrotherapy $105 (for returning clients)
A standard session consists of warmed & filtered water used to rinse the colon.


  • $5 off a session for current & past Military personal. Proof of service required for discount.


Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover. 


There will be NO REFUNDS for missed appointments. If you schedule an appointment and do not show, you will be expected to pay a No Show fee of $95.00.


If you are late, that time will be deducted from your allotted time. This is to ensure those coming after you will not be inconvenienced. Thank you for understanding. For clients late more than 15 minutes after the scheduled appointment time, there will be an additional $50.00 late fee added to the final bill.


Easy Things You Need To Do Before A Colonic:

  1. Eat as many water content foods as possible prior to colonic. Examples: raw and cooked green leafy vegetables, raw vegetable drinks. This will start moistening up the colon for better elimination.

  2. NO BEETS 48 hours before a colonic!!!

  3. Eliminate all processed and gas producing foods. Examples: Eliminate all flour products, dairy, greasy foods, sugar, beans, onions and peppers. These foods slow down the movement of the colon through water reduction or gas production.

  4. Consume a daily magnesium (oxide) 400 mg to help soften stool.

  5. Drink plenty of Water! Consume at least a gallon of purified water daily.

  6. Water, warm water with lemon and smooth move tea are great additions to any hydration program.

  7. No diuretics or laxatives prior to colonic. This also includes coffee, tea or soda.

  8. No foods 2 hours before your colonic.