Welcome to our newest addition, massage at InnerLight with our partner, Womb Weave. Jennifer's unique skills and gifts will help transport you through your magical relaxation journey. Massage is the perfect entry point for deeper healing of both the physical and emotional self. Massage transports you into deep state of relaxation preparing them for deeper relaxation and healing.  Jennifer shares her skill with each client through the healing contact of her hands, stones and energy. As with all therapies, each journey is unique to the individual. Click here to start your journey now. 

Below is a list of the massage services and pricing. 

Blissful Swedish Massage  - this soothing massage melts away stress with gentle long flowing fluid movements for anyone who desires total relaxation

  • 55min - $77

  • 85min - $100

The Ultimate Deep Sleep Massage  - this signature massage helps promote a deep state of relaxation by using a beautiful combination of swedish massage, crystal healing, sound therapy, acupressure, aromatherapy and a weighted blanket. Sweet dreams!

  • 55min - $85

  • 85min - $115