Initial First Time Visit (Consultation & Colonic) $135.00 (90minutes)  (Starting January 15, 2019)

Standard Colon Hydrotherapy $105 (Return clients)
A standard session consists of warmed & filtered water used to rinse the colon.   


Blissful Swedish Massage (1 Hr - $77)

Bliss for Your Belly Prenatal Massage (1hr - $88) - perfect for first semester moms

Prenatal Massage (90min - $111) - perfect for second & third trimester moms

Postpartum Massage (60min - $88) - congratulations on your new baby! This massage will change your life & we promise you will be happy you came to visit. This beautiful time is also important to put energy into healing your body after delivery. Post part massage can assist in the releasing of tension your body may hold from the birth as well as guide your body back into realignment. *With a normal vaginal birth, the ideal time to receive your first postpartum massage is 3 days After delivery. A mom who has received a C-section may not be ready until a week or two after the birth.

Fertility Massage Initial Meeting (2 hrs - $188) Fertility massage is a highly effective massage protocol designed to enhance potential conception. The benefits of a fertility massage include the reduction of stress hormones, stimulation of reproductive system, and emotional balancing.

Fertility Massage Follow- Up (85min - $135)

Dad to Be Massage (55min - $88) Dads need attention too during the pregnancy and postnatal periods. Massage for him can help raise his immunity, boost energy, improve his physical performance and keep his blood pressure in a healthy range by reducing stress and tension.


Reiki (1 hr - $88.00) An intuitive based Reiki method, it is a non diagnosis form of energy medicine. We use our intuition to connect and energy scan the body. Each session is unique as we move through the energy blockages and emotional issues to create awareness and healing.

Intuitive Healing (1 hr - $88) Energy imbalance is one of the most common causes of health issues. Intuitive healing is a very comprehensive intuitive based energy method that through our intuition can scan the physical body and all of its subtle energetic bodies


There are many situations where you may book your initial or return visit and due to a change in your health status we discover that we cannot conduct the colon hydrotherapy session. When this occurs, you will only be assessed the 30 minute consultation fee of $50.

Digestive Health Consultation

For many people who would like valuable guidance and support on digestive health solutions but cannot (for very specific health conditions) or do not feel ready to embark on scheduling a colon hydrotherapy session, this option is for you! (1 hr consultation - $77)

Special Discounts

  • $5 off a session for current & past Military personal. Proof of service required for discount.


Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, & American Express. 


It is customary in the healthcare industry to enforce a 24 hour cancellation notice to avoid being charged for any service.  All "No Shows"  and "Last Minute Cancellations" are charged at full value.  We believe we  give you every opportunity to cancel your appointment in advance of 24 hours, including a reminder email the day before your appointment. There will be NO REFUNDS for missed appointments including pre-paid service where a client cancels an appointment within 24 hours of their appointment time.


If you are late, that time will be deducted from your allotted time. This is to ensure those coming after you will not be inconvenienced. Thank you for understanding.