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After years of meditation and assimilation, I am excited to offer a very unique healing opportunity, Intuitive Healing sessions. As a medical intuitive, Intuitive Healing is an energy medicine method that works on several of the body’s energetic fields that regulate the growth and repair at the cellular level. It is a unique and often powerful healing experience.  


Reiki is one form of energy medicine brought into being after a meditative Buddist training course by Mikau Usui. During his meditation he was presented with a form of energy medicine that involves the attunement or ability of the practitioner to bring universal available energy through their crown chakra through their upper chakras and out for use by those who are being treated. The energy is then used by the client as they need it. 

Reiki as a healing tool

Reiki is a non diagnosis based treatment. Neither the provider nor the client need to understand the aliment to heal it completely. There have been many forms of Reiki that have developed over time. Each one is practiced correctly for the practitioner. Reiki, as with many other healing arts, is an individual practice. Every person who takes on the roll as practitioner will be drawn to the methods that work best for them.

Reiki with InnerLight

At InnerLight we practice an intuition based Reiki method. There are no set patterns or hand placements followed. Each session is conducted as needed by the client. We use our intuition, connection and energy scanning on the first session to get a feel for the clients needs. Additional sessions are conducted based on the information given during the initial session. Each session is unique as we move through the energy blockages and emotional issues that have caused the discomfort and dis-ease. 

Reiki sessions

Typical Reiki sessions last 55 minutes which includes time to reflect and share awarenesses. During your session you will be asked to lie on a massage table fully clothed. Depending on the client's needs, 25 minutes on your back and 25 minutes on your stomach. We make every effort to make your session as physically comfortable as possible. It is possible to preform Reiki in a seated position and we can make accommodations as needed. 

group reiki

Traditional Reiki is done with a single practitioner providing energy to the client. Group Reiki is done with 2 or more practitioners working over the same client. In this work both practitioners are able work simultaneously on different areas of the client providing a more intense and broader feeling of healing energy. As with our usual Reiki practice we may use stones or crystals if desired.  Group Reiki is available starting in October 2018. Contact InnerLight Holistic Healing to schedule at 336.306.9181

distance Reiki

Reiki does not have to be done in person. Because it is an energy based healing tool we can send Reiki across both across time and space to heal past and present issues.


55 minute in person session                                $69

25 minute session for children 14 and under      $35

Distance Reiki    (half hour)                               $40

Pet/Animal Reiki                                                $35 plus travel expenses (please email for more information)



Reiki sessions are available on Monday through Friday. 

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