Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy is very simply, the use of sound and vibration to bring the mind and body into a state of complete relaxation. While in a relaxed state, the body can then use it's own ability to heal to resolve pain and disease within the body and mind.

Sound as a healing tool is an ancient practice. Medicine people of many regions have traditionally used chanting, drums, gongs and singing bowls to aid in their healing work. The sound or vibrations bring the sick into a calm trance like healing space where they are open and receptive to the medicines being applied.

In the past the songs and rhythms were passed down through teachings. As with many ancient tools much has been lost in modernization. Researchers and musicians are rediscovering some of the ancient tools and ideas and are using modern technologies to make them available today.

Here at InnerLight we use both modern and ancient technologies in our sound work. We work with Sound Table technology and Tibetan Bowl healing in our Intuitive Healing Sessions and Reiki.