Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy is very simply, the use of sound and vibration to bring the mind and body into a state of complete relaxation. While in that state the body can then use it's own ability to heal to resolve pain and disease within the body and mind.

Sound as a healing tool is an ancient practice. Medicine people of many regions have traditionally used chanting, drums, gongs and singing bowls to aid in their healing work. The sound or vibrations bring the sick into a calm trance like healing space where they are open and receptive to the medicines being applied.

In the past the songs and rhythms were passed down through teachings. As with many ancient tools much has been lost in modernization. Researchers and musicians are rediscovering some of the ancient tools and ideas and are using modern technologies to make them available today.

Here at InnerLight we use both modern and ancient technologies in our sound work. We work with Sound Table technology and Tibetan Bowl healing in our Intuitive Healing Sessions and Reiki.

Sound Table

A Sound Table is a massage table that has been modified to provide tactile vibrations to be felt by the body while listening to specially designed music. The sound is both heard and felt by the client. They are immersed in cocoon of sound, aligning all senses to the rhythm and sound of the music. Once immersed, the client can let go of pains and distractions allowing them to drift into a deep meditative or sleep state. Once in a meditative state the body and mind relax. That is where the healing begins. 

Relaxation is our best tool to health. Studies time and again have shown stress to be our number one health ailment. It is the precursor and cause of many if not most of our modern disease states. It is imperative in your health journey to find deep relaxation. The practice of deep relaxation has been squeezed out of our culture. We have replaced natural states of relaxation with medicated states such as alcohol, sugar, and pharmaceutical medications. The Sound Table experience is a step into a journey to finding peace and relaxation in our lives. Start your journey today.  

   The music is a very important element in the relaxation and healing process. We have partnered with Alexander Tuttle of Vibro Tune to provide our music. Alexander is an accomplished musician and sound healer. He has provided us with the music tracks for your sound therapy sessions. Each track provides a particular idea and type of journey.  Each track listed below can be used individually or can be combined for a longer custom session. Individual tracks last approximately 30 minutes.    

Enlightenment Meditation -  Soothing ambiance with Binaural Beats starting in Alpha then to Theta, Delta and ending in Sub Delta. The intent is nurturing, loving mother and completion. 

Lost Monks - The Binaural Beats starting in Beta then to Alpha, Theta, Delta and ending back in Theta. It is excellent for those with a very active mind that have trouble settling their thoughts. The intent is deep healing and emotional release.

Native Chrystal Tone - This track does not contain Binaural Beats. If the drum is the focus while listening this can be a very grounding tool however if the Native American Flute is the focus this track can be very opening for meditative type travel or spiritual awakening. The intent is either expansion or grounding. 


                                                           Single session Sound Table                     $35.00

                                                           3 or more booked at the same time        $30.00 each

                                                           Custom combined sessions(60min)         $65.00